YouTube Tests Hiding Dislike Counts on YouTube Videos to Prevent Targeted Attacks on Content Creators

YouTube Dislike Counts: YouTube may soon launch a new feature to hide dislike counts on YouTube videos. Now video creators will be able to hide the dislike counts from their video. However, the dislike button may keep showing below the video but will not show dislike counts. Know how you may be able to download YouTube videos.

In a tweet YouTube said, the creator will still be able to see the exact number of likes and dislikes in YouTube Studio. For viewers, if you’re in the experiment, you can still like or dislike a video to share feedback with creators and help tune the recommendations you see on YouTube.

Some people intentionally drop the ratings of any videos and YouTube channel. It also includes a variety of political organizations that deliberately dislike YouTube videos of their opponents. Convert YouTube videos into an MP3 file.

According to a report YouTube is working on a feature to prevent targeted attacks. At the moment, the likes and dislikes of YouTube video are clearly visible on the page creators. But soon only the Like button can be seen publicly or only the like counts will be shown whereas dislike will also be seen but without any counts.

The company testing the feature of the Like and Dislike buttons on YouTube under the user feedbacks to help creators create new videos according to the demand of the public. But it has been misused in the past many times. Due to this, the company is going to give the option to hide the disliked button or dislike counts.

Similarly to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook also tested the same feature but they tested it with the Like button. They wanted to hide or remove like button. They abandoned the idea and kept showing like button and counts on its platform. However, they never introduced the dislike button on its platform.

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