What Is FASTag? How To Get FASTag?

If you travel on the national highways and you have to go through the toll point, then from 1 December 2019 you must have a “FASTag”. The Transport and Highway Ministry say that till 1 December 2019, toll tax will be paid on all national highways of the country through FASTag. Through this, the government is trying to promote cashless toll tax payment.

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The electronic toll collection system has been introduced in India by the National Highways Authority of India to solve the problems caused by the toll collection system at toll plazas. The Electronic Toll Collection System or FASTag Scheme was first introduced in India in 2014. Which is gradually being applied to toll plazas across the country.

If FASTag is not installed on the vehicle till December 1, 2019, then the person may have to pay a double toll if go through FASTag lane.

What is FASTag?

FASTag is a digital sticker based on Radio Frequency Identification Technology ie RFID. It should be placed on the front mirror of vehicles. Vehicles with FASTag will not have to stand at the toll point. The amount of toll tax will be deducted from the person’s account, it may be a prepaid account or linked bank account.

The government has decided to make all the lanes of a toll on the National Highway to be FASTag lanes so that people do not have trouble at the toll block. A single lane from both sides will be designated as a hybrid lane to collect tax under the existing system.

What Are The Benefits Of Using FASTag Sticker?

The biggest benefit will be from the FASTag is that there will be less congestion at toll points. The vehicle will not stop, neither the passengers will have any problem nor the environment will be contaminated due to the smoke coming out of the vehicle. There will be no need to carry cash with the driver as it is a completely cashless system.

You can easily track your monthly expenses on toll plazas because you will get information about digital payment in the form of an account statement.

How To Get FASTag Sticker?

Many arrangements have been made at many levels to enable people to buy FASTag easily. The government has made sales centers in places like banks, Indian Highways Management Company and National Highway Authority. It has also been made available at RTO office, Shared Services Center, Transport Center and selected petrol pumps.

FASTag also can be purchased online for cars, jeeps, and vans on the website of Amazon, Paytm Payment Bank, State Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, IDFC First Bank.

  • You can download the My FASTag App on your Android phone to find out about the nearest Fastag sales center.
  • A website has been created for this, you can apply by going there. On clicking on the website, you will see the names of all those banks which are associated with this scheme. You can also recharge FASTag from here.
  • You can also call the National Highway Helpline number 1033 for more information.

What Papers Will Be Needed?

For FASTag, you will need a vehicle registration certificate ie RC, passport size photo and driving license of the owner of the vehicle. Also, as a proof of address, you will need an Aadhaar card, PAN card or Voter ID card.

How To Recharge FASTag?

FASTag can be recharged just as you recharge your metro card or any gift card. UPI recharge facility has been developed through National Highway Authority, National Payments Corporation or My FASTag App. FASTag can also be recharged through NetBanking, Credit or Debit Card. You can get Rs 100 to Rs 1 lakh recharged in the FASTag prepaid account.


  • If you have two vehicles, you will need two different FASTag for both.
  • The validity of a FASTag will be up to five years.
  • If you live within a 10 KM radius of the toll point, hen you will get a rebate that will come in your account in the form of cashback.

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