What Is CoronaVirus? Disease Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Many people have been infected and killed by CoronaVirus in China so far and it is spreading very fast. Other countries have also become cautious about this fastly spreading CoronVirus.  Many countries have started the thermal scanning of people coming from China.

India also has become very serious and started thermal scanning on its large airports of people coming from China. The government is also making people aware of it and has instructed not to go to China at the moment.

What Is CoronaVirus? Disease Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention
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It is believed that the virus has spread through the Sea Food Market of Wuhan City, China. This virus has never been seen before in humans. Research has revealed that this CoronaVirus has passed from snakes to humans. The virus is related to animals and has entered into the whole-sell market of meat, poultry firms, snakes, bats or firm animals. The WHO and Chinese officials are looking for ways to deal with Coronavirus.

What is CoronaVirus?

Corona Virus is a large group of viruses that can cause common cold in humans, from serious respiratory problems. Apart from this, the Coronavirus can also cause fatal diseases like SARS and MERS. The virus is named after its shape. This virus can infect both animals and humans simultaneously.

Symptoms Of China CoronaVirus

The Coronavirus causes a mild infection in the respiratory tract, as is commonly seen in the common cold. However, the symptoms of this disease are very common and even if a person is not suffering from Coronavirus, it can show such symptoms.

  • Suffering from fever
  • Having cold
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Pneumonia etc

Precautions To Reduce The Risk Of Infection From Coronavirus

The WHO has also given some guidelines to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. Necessary steps need to be taken to prevent this deadly virus from spreading.

Such as,

  • Wash hands thoroughly and takes care of hands cleanliness
  • Avoid making close contact with people who have cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Keep your mouth and nose covered well while coughing or sneezing
  • Do not touch the eyes, nose, and mouth repeatedly with your hands and fingers
  • Do not make unsafe contact with animals living in the forest and fields.
  • Monitoring of sick patients properly
  • Avoid travelling to countries or places where the disease has spread
  • Avoid touching anything or shaking hands in a public place, public transport
  • Cook meats and eggs well.

Can Coronavirus Cause Death?

Although the onset of the Coronavirus is like a common cold or a cold or pneumonia, if the case becomes severe, this infection can lead to a severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure or multiple organ failure, which can lead to death.

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