Twitter SEO Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Sells for $2.9 Million

Jack Dorsey Tweet Auction: Twitter owner Jack Dorsey recently announced the sale of his first-ever tweet, the bid of this tweet seems so high.  Jack’s tweet has been sold for $2.9 Million.

This was the first tweet Jack made on Twitter. This tweet is sold by Jack as a cryptocurrency. This tweet was auctioned through Valuables By Cent Digital and bought by Cina Estavi, CEO of Bridge Oracle.

Jack Dorsey tweeted that the money from this auction would be converted into Bitcoin. This money will be given to the non-profit organization ‘Give Directly’s Africa Response’.  This institution is working for those African families who have been affected by the Corona epidemic.

Dorsey made her first tweet 15 years ago. In a March 2006 tweet, Dorsey wrote, “Just setting up my Twitter”.

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