The world applauds India’s efforts to provide Covid-19 vaccine to neighbouring countries.

The world applauds India’s efforts to provide Covid-19 vaccine to neighbouring countries.

Covid-19 Update: Recently, India approved two covid-19 vaccines for emergency use, one is Covishield from Sirum Insititute of India (one of the largest manufacturer of different vaccines) and another one is Covaxin from Bharat BioTech (Bharat BioTech made this vaccine with collaboration of ICMR). Both are an Indian company.

largest vaccine drive

India is the largest manufacturer of vaccines. Hence World’s eyes on India for Covid-19 vaccine as well. India started vaccines its health worker and set a record of the highest number of vaccinating in a single day.

India is not only focusing on vaccinating its people even gifting the Covid-19 vaccine to its neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar, Mauritius, Seychelles, (Sri Lanka and Afghanistan – still to be sent).

It also started sending commercial consignments of Covid vaccine dozes to the countries such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Brazil and Morocco.

Brazil’s President Jair M Bolsonaro responded to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after receiving a consignment of Covid vaccine. He uses Lord Hanuman’s image of taking Sanjevani (Rare Medicine) to show his gratitude towards India.

He says in a tweet, “Brazil is honoured to have a great partner to overcome a global obstacle. Thank you for helping us with vaccine exports from India to Brazil. – Namaskar, Prime Minister @narendramodi”

The US also applauds India’s effort for providing Covid-19 vaccine to neighbouring countries

The South and Central Asia Bureau of the US State Department tweeted:

We applaud India’s role in global health, sharing millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine in South Asia. India’s free shipments of the vaccine began w/Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh & Nepal & will extend to others. India’s a true friend using its pharma to help the global community.

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