‘Tell a single country that says that everyone is welcome there’, Jaishankar speaks out of anti-CAA gang

Specific people are on fire on the issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act. Meanwhile, the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) has filed an application in the Supreme Court against CAA.

Foreign Minister S. Jayashankar has targeted this. He gave a strong reply to those opposing the CAA at an event, saying that ‘everyone views citizenship in the same context. Tell me any one country in the world that says that every person in the world is welcome there.

Jaishankar said that we should appreciate that through CAA, we have tried to reduce the number of people without a nation.

Jaishankar, referring to the rights of Parliament, said that ‘no one can say that the government or Parliament of the country does not have the right to decide the conditions of citizenship. Every government has done this.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar also targeted the UNHRC while speaking during the program. He said that ‘UNHRC directors have been proved wrong before’, adding that ‘UNHRC always revolves around the issues of cross-border terrorism, but it has nothing to do with the neighboring country’.

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