Popular “Yahoo Answers” Service to be Shut Down Permanently

Yahoo Answers Service to be Closed: Yahoo’s one of the very popular services Yahoo Answers service is going to be closed. The company has officially decided to discontinue this service. After 4 May you will not be able to use Yahoo Answers Service. The company has also shared this information on the Yahoo Answers home page.

The announcement of the closure of Yahoo Answers is shared by the company on the Yahoo Answers homepage. Information has been given on the homepage that this service will be discontinued on 4th May 2021. It has also been clarified that users will not be able to get a subscription to this service after 20th April 2021. Also read, Google announces a new app review process to curb policy violations.

After 20 April 2021 Yahoo Answers service will only be available in re-only mode and will be closed permanently on 4th May 2021. If users want to download their data from Yahoo Answers, then the link to the help page has also been given for that, which will help users in downloading data. It can be downloaded till 30 June 2021. Downloadable data will include a list of questions from users, a list of answers, images.

Yahoo Answers Service to be Closed

The Yahoo Answers service was launched 16 years ago. The company introduced this service for the convenience of the people, where people from all over the world can share information. You can also find the answer to any question. On the Yahoo Answers service, millions of users used to get questions and answers on various topics.

Since 2005, Yahoo Answers was continuously helping people. It was a kind of social media for people. In 2017, Verizon acquired Yahoo in a deal of $5 billion. Earlier, Verizon also discontinued the popular Yahoo Messenger service after the acquisition of Yahoo.

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